My Computer Man -  On-Site or On-Line Today...Guaranteed!
PC House Calls, FL 
Is a Partner of My Computer Man

Flagler County, Fl

All Repairs, All Services from just $49.95! 
Both on-site, and on-Line!

We service every make and model of computer running any version of Windows.

All computer repairs & services are just $49.95 billed in 30 minute increments, plus parts (if any) - no hour minimum!
All inclusive pricing: No trip charge or travel fee, no separate diagnostic fee, no hidden fees or shop supply charges.
Many services take less than 30 minutes, most are under an hour. 
Complex issues or multiple devices may exceed an hour.

Want it Fixed Right Now?
Welcome to 
PC House Calls
 Remote Support and Repair Center
Call (866) 331-0101
Click on the link below.  After 2 more clicks a small access program will download and install, (it will automatically un-install when we finish the session).  The whole start-up process takes less than 2 minutes. We will be able to access your computer for one secure session.  You may stay on the telephone line with the Technician and watch him work your screen or hang up and we will call you when we are done.