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Laptop Repair & How it works 

Steps on how to send your laptop in for repair service

We want your laptop repair to go as smoothly as possible.

Below we have explained the entire laptop repair process.

If you still have questions or concerns, please call us.

Step 1


Fill out our online service form. You will receive an automatic email confirmation from us within minutes. Print out your email confirmation page / packing slip and get your laptop ready for shipment.

The service form must be filled out before any work can be done.

Fill out a Service Form → 

Step 2


We will ship you a prepaid laptop box

We will take care of all shipping arrangements for a flat price, including shipping you a special laptop box. This box will include instructions for packaging and a UPS Prepaid shipping label. The package will include $1000 of shipping insurance for your laptop.


You can choose to ship the laptop yourself

Take your laptop to a UPS Store or a FEDEX shipping station. There they will package your laptop in a laptop approved box. Have them includethe packing slip you printed out earlier.

Step 3


When your laptop is received by us you will receive a courtesy email to let you know that it has arrived at our certified laptop service center. A technician will diagnose your laptops issue and map a repair plan. He will determine what parts will be needed for the repair and how much it will cost. You will receive a call with those details within 2 business days. No work will be done without your approval.

Step 4


Payment is not due until the service work is complete. You will receive a call from a service technician with the total. We will take credit card payment over the phone, online, or we can send you a paypal money request.

Payments Accepted:

  • Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card)

  • PayPal

  • Cashier's Check / Money Order

Step 5


When you receive your laptop back, you will notice that it is clean, and it works great. You will also be very satisfied with our overall quick turn around, affordable prices, and our advanced knowledge of laptops.

Your laptop will be covered by our 1 year Parts and 90 day Labor Warranty

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