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Hard drive cloning details and pricing

If you have a computer you depend on you should read this. I don't write many of these so take 2 minutes for your own good.

FACT: EVERY computer will have a hardware failure eventually. Unfortunately 90% of the time that failure is the Hard Drive and that could take your valuable data and picturers with it. Yes, in time, an average of 5 years, the hard drive unit located inside your computer will fail. They have a 100% failure rate. Why?

Conventional hard drives have spinning platters inside with a magnetic coating. The platters are made from glass or ceramic. The platters themselves are non-magnetic but have a magnetic coating which holds the magnetic impulses which represent the data

This coating has a half-li​fe of 7 years. Not to be confused with "permanent magnets" that may last thousands of years. That type magnet is not in your spinning hard drive. It's all the laws of physics and the reason computers die. .

Did I lose you already? I hope not.

So now we know the only question is when. when that will happen is a guess. We've seen both extremes. We've had hard drives be bad right out of the box. and on rare occasions we have seen machines with the original hard drive in them still running fine after 15 or more years. "Don't Gamble" could never be better advise than it is regarding this.

The average life of a hard drive is 4-5 years, but if you use it more than 8 hours a day it could be half that.

PC Magazine or somewhare else I read:

"Every computer fails eventually. 90% of all hardware failures are caused by a bad hard drive. Another 5% are caused by a failed power supply and the rest are usually either a bad memory stick or a heat issue due to dust in the CPU cooling system."

The manufacturer's are mum regarding hard drive failure, but it's the truth. What can you do?

If you are a business user and/or have an expensive program or maybe just a hard core computer user that can't be without your computer for more than a few hours, then cloning is your answer.

It's not expensive. As you know we charge for time. The cloning process is a straight line time formula based on the size of the hard dive. We use a devise with USB 3.0 (which is 10 times faster than 2.0).

Typical Ex​amples:  

Tower, New 250 GB hard drive cost $50-$60

time to remove hard drive and mount in our cloning device = 10 minutes.

time to clone a 250GB hard drive = approximately 1 hour.

        (Utilize this time to service that second machine)

250GB Total approx $160

500GB Total approx $200

1TB & larger approx $350 

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