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Free Loaner Computers!

Don't want to be without? We understand that for a variety of reasons you may not be able to, or just don't want to, be without a computer while yours is being serviced or you are waiting for delivery of a new one.

We have several used Windows 10 towers and laptops with plenty of life left in them to loan to you absolutely free of charge. Every one of them was donated to us by one of our customers and we repaired and configured them to be fully licensed legal loaners.

These are totally reloaded and configured by us after every use. They have all the protection and standard use programs installed. When you are done using it we will wipe it clean right in front of you. And don't worry if it croaks while you are using it. We know they are not new and we'll just fix them up for the next customer. 

Please call us now for an appointment and let us help you get back to enjoying trouble free, fast computing.

Note: About 1 in 20 on-site service calls results in the computer going to the shop.

          Cracked Screens, Data recovery, OS reloads, etc, can

          sometimes be done more efficiently in the shop..

Another 1 in 20 customers decide to order a new machine.

We are glad to provide a loaner for up to 2 weeks totally free of charge. Please understand that we do not sell these loaners, or any computers, and need the loaner back in a timely manner in order to provide this service to other customers.

Thank you, MCM.

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